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Irving Fire Foundation

Founded in 2006

The Irving Fire Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to serving those who boldly stand in harm's way and courageously serve as a front line of defense when tragedy strikes. Join us as we stand for Honor, Duty, and Commitment and support those sworn to protect the lives and property of all within our city.

Foundation volunteers, sponsors, and friends long to be a people that demonstrate their appreciation and respect for the men and women serving, often at their own peril, the well-being of Irving residents. The Foundation wish is to strengthen, edify, and encourage our firefighter families and immediate community.

The Foundation is a legacy of the men and women of the Irving Fire Department. Though undeniably nurtured and cared for by an entire community, at its core the Foundation's heart is that of the men and women of the department who by their own blood and sweat, time and energy, out of duty and sacrifice, bear the weight of a city upon themselves so that others, unknowing, often uncaring, may continue to lead their lives well.  

Men and women who ask not accolade or award, who devote countless hours to learning to fight tragedy and terror in hand-to-hand combat, who know the intricacies of restarting a beating heart, of breathing air into a baby's lungs, of washing the blood off their boots as they rush to the next scene of need... these are the men for whom this Foundation was built.

This is the valor we salute with every hour poured into service. This is the character and values we uphold to be ideal, of worth, and in need in our city and our lives and which we will promote and sustain by whatever means possible.

With every scholarship we provide, with every event we host, with every family we respond to, and with every dollar raised, by whatever means this board directs, leads, and forges through; after seven years of service, and for the next seventy-seven years of passionate commitment to these men, women, and our city, we will only have begun to touch the hem of understanding of the level of commitment and service provided by these heroes.

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