Fire Foundation

Giving Honor where Honor is Due

Patriot Day

Eleven years since we watched in horror as the Towers went down and our lives, and the lives of those to come, were irrevocably changed. Every September 11th, we awake as a nation with thoughts turned to those lost that fateful day, remembering the way we gathered as a nation in dignity to mourn, and arose in unity to stand firm in our resolution to protect freedom and pursue democracy.
9/11 brought with it long lasting consequences; since then our police and firefighters engage evermore as a first line of defense, and the way we view security, the economy, even peace is permanently altered.
In 2001, we swore to never forget the sacrifice of the 343 firefighters who rushed into the Towers, the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters lost to the depths of inhumanity in unimaginable tragedy. We made it not just a promise but our solemn obligation to do more than remember - to act. To serve. To help. To aid. To give more, love more, and continue to stand for those principles, characteristics, and ideals that make our nation the home of the brave and the land of the free.
And now we pause to remember and honor our own hometown heroes. 300+ men and women who serve as your civil servants and answer the siren’s call every day. Irving Firefighters are some of the most highly trained in the nation, yield the highest heart attack survival rates, and never cease to place the lives and property of those within Irving foremost.