Fire Foundation

Downtown Irving is Blessed

...with the type of architecture that makes new urbanist salivate.

On Second Street between Main and Jefferson sits the most historically significant building in downtown, Old Central. This building served as city hall, jail, and fire station to Irving for a majority of Irving's history. Neglected and ignored for too long, it's time we used Old Central as a catalyst to reinvigorate downtown. By making this building a contributing part of Irving's economy it will once again be a source of pride for our city and contribute to the critical mass needed to make our downtown a must see destination.



Restoration and Repurpose

137 E Second St - Irving

All one has to do is walk around Old Central to see the neglect of time and disrepair the building has fallen into for lack of stewardship. It is as if looking a piece of Irving wasting away into oblivion. Restoration of this building is an opportunity to illustrate to our children the importance of retaining symbolic structures that are the foundation of our existence and provide a solid and strong root system from which comes progress and growth.



Old Central was Irving’s first city hall, housing city offices from 1932-1956.

The first floor held the city’s jail and a fire truck bay while upstairs were city offices and a courtroom. Beyond city business, the building hosted community activities and firemen trained within its walls. Over the years the building transitioned; city offices gave way to the police and fire departments, and even the Red Cross during WWII, each group sharing this historic space until 1985 when the Fire Department, having used the building for years as a fire station, departed to a new location. Since then, Old Central has served as a clinic, a book depot for Friends of the Library, and lastly as the Irving Fire and Police Museum Foundation offices until 2010 when the lease expired.