Fire Foundation

Responding to Families in Crisis

In the summer of 2011

...a raging apartment fire left 120 people homeless in Irving. Hampered by gusty winds, 90 degree heat in the middle of the night, and a water main break the men of the Irving Fire Department were yet able to ensure that not one resident incurred a serious injury and the damage was contained. Following the immediate crisis, community members immediately jumped in to assist dozens of young families receive immediate and compassionate aid.


Restoring Hope

Join our heroes in providing compassionate aid to families in crisis!

Once the fire is extinguished and hoses packed up; once the patient has been transferred and the victim moved to safety; once the crisis has been adverted, tragedy responded too, and the truck heading back to the station; left behind are families in need.

Your contribution will support families in critical need. Your efforts will be multiplied by the forces of 300 using the tools and resources before them to enter worlds turned upside and set them upright again so that families may be secure, homes remain intact, fresh air breathe into tired lungs. Be it a family displaced by fire. Following the loss of a loved one. Children in need. Families grieving. Homes in danger. Regardless of the crisis, our firemen are there - every day, for every person, at any time, no questions asked; and now you can be too.


After the Fire

By providing resources

...that aid families and children in crisis we provide a means by which our firefighters can help families begin the healing process. In addition, serving others outside of uniform provides a much needed therapeutic result for those who are called upon to answer immediate needs but receive little closure. By providing a means for first responders to process the devastation they see on a regular basis improves morale, bonds our firefighters to those they serve, and provides much needed role models for the children and youth of Irving.